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Taylor and Lauren engagement portrait

I will be setting up a studio at 1358 E.Fifth Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43219 on Thursday May 24th and again on Thursday May 31st, 2018.

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Located at 23 West Main Street Dalton, Ohio 44618
Michael Petitto’s Photography Studio offers high quality Professional Photography services for all occasions.


Here is a tune by songwriter Ross Petitto.

If you subscribe to this youtube channel you can keep up with the latest releases of his original music.

Below are a couple of links to where you can find a couple of collections of his tunes.


Litt Shadows and Quincunx Productions will be releasing a self-titled album with seventeen original songs on it in June 2018. Here is the song Pretty Red Smile from this album. It is the only song on the album which doesn’t have any lyrics, the music for this track was composed by Michael Litt Petitto in 2014.

Litt Shadows

Litt Shadows Cover Art


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Ross Petitto

My father Ross Petitto, whom many know simply as Ross the Barber in Seville, Ohio, is also a very creative and talented songwriter and musician. He has been entertaining folks with his music since the late 1950’s and I made this website to honor his talents and to give more people a chance to discover and enjoy his orginal tunes.

In the late ‘50s at age nine, my dad was transposing accordian sheet music to fit his alto sax, adding counter parts and riffs to compliment his brother’s keyboards. They were already playing in bars on Cleveland’s west side. His performing in the Rock Hall of Fame town continued for forty years. Writing and recording began by mid 1960’s and the early ‘70s saw an MGM record contract achieved. My father was thrilled hearing self-composed tunes blasting over radio waves. Travel across America ensued along with marriage and a few of us rug rats toting along. By the 80s with no “hit” record, reality and real jobs set in. The dream was over. “I’m Italian, we sing…or cut hair” he’d say, and so he opened a few hair salons.

My dad continued writing and recording. Living in today’s digital world, I’ve asked him for a few tunes that I could share online. Eventually he agreed and so I’m presenting many years of some of my father’s work. All songs are written and all parts performed by him. The recordings are pretty sophisticated considering it was all done in a tiny room in his basement.

It is my wish that you will enjoy this glimpse into a lifetime of a dreamer. Proceeds will benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The tunes are insightful and entertaining. My father calls them “music to mow grass by.” Have a listen and you decide,

I will be in Akron, Ohio on Saturday May 7, Shooting with my friend and fellow photographer Diane Alexander above the Scorcher’s Restaurant.

We are doing a special Mother’s Day event, so bring your mum and come have fun!

Mother's Day Photo Event

SPRING PORTRAITS by Michael Petitto

Special Offer from Michael Petitto

Courtney’s senior portrait sitting was lots of fun! She is an amazingly talented cheer leader and I’ve got the photos to prove it…

Courtney Brumfield

Senior Portraits by Michael Petitto

If you’ve been putting off making an appointment to update your child’s portraits, now is the perfect time to give me a call! I’m running a special on my triple panel fine art folios. They are 50% OFF until May 1st, 2011, plus, I’m doing a special priced sittings to go with it. If you want to take advantage of my folio special, I am offering creative studio sittings for only $8.50! This means you can get your sitting plus the folio for only $58.00! With a limited amount of time slots, give me a call today to take advantage of this special offer. (330) 601-0990.


Folio Sale by Michael Petitto

Folio Sale by Michael Petitto. 50% OFF until May 1st!